Who We Are

ANTECH Imaging Services (AIS) is the veterinary industry's #1 veterinary telemedicine and web-based image storage solution.

AIS provides over 600,000 telemedicine consults each year. AIS stores over 920  million images, and is currently storing over 400,000 images daily, making AIS the leader in consistency and quality.

Founded in 1999 as DarkHorse Medical Ventures, DarkHorse joined VCA, Inc. in 2005. DarkHorse moved to ANTECH Diagnostics in 2010 with a name change to ANTECH Imaging Services (AIS). AIS is a Division of ANTECH Diagnostics. ANTECH Diagnostics is a Division of VCA and is wholly owned by Mars, Inc.

AIS is dedicated to providing the best telemedicine has to offer in the veterinary industry.