Our board-certified Radiologists evaluate and interpret your images to provide a complete written report with their findings and recommendations.

Each consult includes direct access to the Radiologist via phone or e-mail. STAT consults include phone call from the Radiologist immediately after evaluation. Please note: An ultrasound consultation consists of ultrasound images and associated radiographs. A separate radiology consultation is not required.

Tips for Success: Submit quality labeled still images and short DICOM video clips for a faster and more precise report.

  • Our Ultrasound consults are available 24/7/365
  • Turnaround Times for Ultrasound Consults
    • Sunday 5:00pm to Friday 6:00pm
      • Consults submitted before 12pm are due back by 5pm the same day
      • Consults submitted after 12pm are due back by 10am the next day
    • Friday 6:00pm to Sunday 5:00pm
      • Due 24hrs from the consult submission
    • STAT consults are due back within 2hrs

Please use “Sonographer’s impressions/ comments” to describe your ultrasound findings, this will help us understand your concerns, and provide better patient care.

While we strive to meet our turnaround times; providing the best in patient care is our number one priority. Non-STAT turnaround times may vary depending on caseload.