Register for Online PennHIP Training

The PennHIP course is now offered online.

Please see important information about the course: About PennHIP Training Click Here

Steps to Register for the Course

1. Create an AIS PennHIP account

You must have an account with AIS so that you can send us your PennHIP images.
If you currently have an AIS PennHIP account, go to step 2.
If you do not have an account, please contact us at 877-727-6800 or so that we may set up your account.

2. Create an account in WOOF University

WOOF University (WOOF U) is an online training site hosted by VCA. You must register as an AIS WOOF U client in order to register for the AIS PennHIP training. You will also have access to other AIS RACE approved courses.
If you have an account in WOOF U, go to step 3.
If you do not have an account, click here to create a training account.

3. Taking the online training course

Once you have created your accounts (steps 1 & 2), you will be eligible to take the online training. Go to the link to log in. Type the word "PennHIP" in the search box in the upper right hand corner to find the program curriculum. You will be prompted to agree to the terms of participation in AIS PennHIP, following which you can request the curriculum, and launch each item within the curriculum. Pay close attention to the PennHIP Manual. It will become an important source of information as you go through the training process and beyond.