OA causes pain and disability. OA affects all components of the synovial joint.

Osteoarthritis (OA): The Big Picture

  • There is no cure for OA. There are palliative treatment options for OA.
    • Non-surgical treatments include use of NSAIDS and nutraceuticals, the modification of nutrition, moderate exercise, and physical therapy.
    • Surgery may be the only option for end-stage disease (ex., FHO, THR).
  • Prevention is key in the fight against canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and OA:
    • Accurate prediction of OA requires a reliable screening method implemented early in life.
    • Genetic control and selective breeding based on a validated phenotype can reduce the severity of CHD and the development of OA in subsequent generations of animals.
  • Environmental factors such as diet, activity level, and pharmaceuticals can influence the onset of OA.
  • Preventive Surgery is also an option (eg, TPO, JPS). However, the safety and efficacy of preventive surgical procedures have not been adequately studied .