Exotics / Avian

Our board-certified Exotic Specialists evaluate and interpret your images to provide a complete written report with their findings and recommendations.

Each consult includes direct access to the Exotic specialist via phone or e-mail. STAT consults include phone call from the Exotic specialist immediately after evaluation.

Tips for Success: Submit detailed history and specific questions for the Exotic specialist for a more precise report. Quality evaluations come from quality images and history. 

Exotic/Avian consults include detailed treatment and management recommendations for the case.

Exotic/Avian consults (including STATS) are available:

  • Turnaround Times for Exotic/Avian Consults
    • Sunday 5:00pm to Friday 6:00pm
      • Consults submitted before 12pm are due back by 5pm the same day
      • Consults submitted after 12pm are due back by 10am the next day
      • STAT consults are due back within 2hrs
    • Friday 6:00pm to Sunday 5:00pm
      • Due 24hrs from the consult submission (STAT consults are not available)