Cardiology / ECG

Our board-certified cardiologists evaluate and interpret your images and/or ECG to provide a complete written report with their findings and recommendations.


Each consult includes direct access to the Cardiologist via phone or e-mail. STAT consults include phone call from the Cardiologist immediately after evaluation.

Tips for Success: Submit quality labeled still images and short DICOM video clips for a faster and more precise report.

Cardiology consults (including STATS) are available:

  • Turnaround Times for Cardiology Consults
    • Sunday 5:00pm to Friday 6:00pm
      • Consults submitted before 12pm are due back by 5pm the same day
      • Consults submitted after 12pm are due back by 10am the next day
      • STAT consults are due back within 2hrs
    • Friday 6:00pm to Sunday 5:00pm
      • Due 24hrs from the consult submission (STAT consults are not available)


We offer 3 options for ECG –only consults:

  1. Pre-Op ECG
    1. Lead II only
    2. Report within 30  minutes
    3. Useful as a screening tool before sedation or quick evaluation
  2. Routine ECG
    1. All leads
    2. Written report within 24 hours
    3. Useful for non-critical cases, rechecks
    1. All leads
    2. Verbal report within 30 minutes, written report within 2 hours
    3. Useful for urgent and critical cases
  • ECG-only consults are available 6am-4pm PST Monday-Friday.
  • A variety of ECG formats are acceptable for consult submission, including telephonic ECG. Contact Tech Support at 1-877-727-6800 to determine compatibility with your equipment.